Phi Royal Society represents a circle of Royal Artists and Masters who have demonstrated exceptional abilities in the skills they are practicing.

Skills recognized for the Phi Royal Society are all the skills whose results induce a sense of beauty in the viewer, while the process and the result itself are not harmful to the:

– service user
– Artist or Master
– third parties

Members of this society are recognized and respected by their colleagues.
All the Members have given Phi Royal Society vow.


Today, when I become a member of Phi Royal Society,
Referring to my honour, reputation, dignity and professionalism,

I solemnly and freely swear.

– that I will never mention my colleagues with a negative connotation
– that I will never criticize the work of my colleagues in front of the clients, but that I will criticize them in person.
– I will never give or receive criticism out of negative urges
– that, being a professional,  I despise and reject vanity
– that I give freedom to all the members to ask me for help
– that I make no religious, national, political or social class differences and divisions
– that I will show humanity with a personal example
– that I will keep secrets and privacy of my clients and colleagues
– that I will take conscientious care of my clients by choosing the tools and equipment carefully
– that I will constantly improve my technique
– that I will selflessly contribute to the global improvement of Phi Royal Society with my experience and knowledge